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Character Excellence

The school believes in providing a holistic education for every student and we are committed to cultivating GRIT STARs. A GRIT STAR is a Lifelong Learner, Socially-apt Person, Problem Solver, Tech-savvy Netizen and Rooted Citizen who possesses gratitude, respect, ingenuity, trustworthiness and grit. We also strive to provide leadership opportunities for every Hougean and equip them with knowledge, skills and values to be a Principled Leader. 


Every Hougean is a GRIT STAR


Care. Lead. Inspire. Partner.


  • Character and Citizenship Education
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Student Leadership
  • Values in Action
  • Pupil Management

Programmes for 2018

·         GRIT Formation Week 

·         Chinese New Year Celebrations 

·         Termly Touch Points (Home) 

      (Service to Family, Gratitude Cards) 

·         NE Events 

·         Career Day and Industries Talk Day (Secondary 4/ Secondary 5)

·         Elective Modules/Advanced Elective Modules (Sec 2/ Sec 3)

·         Sports Carnival

·         Sec 2 Adventure Camp

·         Youth Day Celebrations 

·         Teachers’ Day Celebrations 

·         Overseas Trip to Cambodia, Xi’an, Vietnam, Phuket & Penang

·         Chingay Celebrations

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GRIT STAR through Student Leadership



GRIT STAR Through CCE Experiences

GRIT STAR Signature Programmes

Post Examination Programmes 2016

Sec 1

Sec 2

Sec 3 Advanced Elective Modules