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Parent Support Group

Welcome to PSG @ Hougang Secondary! 

We look forward to a brand new year of embarking on this journey with you, parents of HS students who are keen to take an active role in shaping the crucial teenage years of our children.

Your involvement in school-home partnership by becoming a member of the PSG in HS benefits your child, you as a parent and the school.

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Objectives of HS PSG: 

    1. Promote the HOUGEAN Spirit (Making A Difference). 

    2. Inspire parents to be better role models for our children. 

How can HS PSG support Hougang Secondary and Benefits of a HS PSG Member: 

    1. PSG to continue supporting the school’s activities - being a PSG member allow parents to volunteer in school programmes and projects in a structured and co-ordinated manner. 

    2. PSG to be that village or community where we can all learn from one another to help raise our kids together. Being a PSG member allow parents network and build relationship with other like-minded parents who come from diverse backgrounds and possess varied skills and experiences, all interested in serving the students and the school together for the benefit of the school, the children and the parents. 

   3. PSG to be the voice of the parents when it comes to giving feedback to the school on school policies matters. Being a PSG member allow parents to give feedback to the school in a constructive and structured manner. 

PSG members are welcome to volunteer and contribute in various ways, depending on the parents’ availability, preference and interests, such as: 

• Attending PSG meetings and contribute your time and talents (e.g. through arts & craft); 

• Providing feedback and suggestions on parental involvement; 

• Attending and supporting school functions and events as members of the PSG;

• Recruiting other parent volunteers to join the PSG;

• Representing parents’ voices and provide constructive feedback to help school implement new policies / improvement;

• Offering professional and personal expertise to the PSG to help improve its processes; and

• Supporting and advocating the school’s mission, vision and directions.



You can reach us at:  Email:  hss.psg@gmail.com  

Instagram: hs.psg

Facebook: PSG@hougang secondary