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Learning Journey to Xi’an, China, May 2018

40 students and 4 teachers embarked on a memorable learning Journey to Xi’an, China during the post-exam period in May 2018. The Xi’an, China trip was truly an eye-opening experience for many students. Through the visits to the various historical and cultural attractions, students experienced the local lifestyle and developed a sense of appreciation for the rich Chinese Heritage. One key highlight of the trip was the school exchange programme to Xi’an 99th Middle School. Through the school visit, our students forged friendships with their buddies and experienced school life of a typical student in Xi’an. During the trip, our students also participated in various hands-on activities such as paper cutting lesson, tile rubbing activity and dumpling making activity. Many of these were first-time experiences for our students, but they participated actively and did well. 

It was indeed an insightful and unforgettable experience. Our Hougeans learnt many valuable life lessons and brought back memories that would last for a long time to come. Here’s what some of them have to say! 

Reiko Tham Lek Kuan (Sec 3E2): 
The Xi'an Trip was a new and unique experience to me. What I enjoyed the most about the trip was the visit to the Xi'an 99th Middle School for the school exchange programme. I had the opportunity to learn about the education system of China. The China and Singapore's education system are different in some ways. For example, In China, students take at least 12 subjects for lessons and their curriculum hours are longer. During the Xi'an 99th Middle School exchange programme, we were introduced to 2 buddies who accompanied us during the school exchange. We were both extremely shy when we were first introduced to each other. But after our introduction, we started chatting like old pals. We exchanged our WeChat account and are still connected even after the trip. Overall, I think this trip was enjoyable and a good learning experience for me to learn things that cannot be found in the textbooks and are different from Singapore. I would like to thank the school for the opportunity to allow me to attend this overseas trip. 

Au Eong Tian Sheng Ryan (Sec 3E1): 
Overall, this trip has provided me with a very enlightening, insightful and unique experience whereby I can see, feel and experience for myself information which I could only glean from books and the internet previously. I was also able to gain life skills, acquire responsibility and appreciate little advantages that I take for granted in Singapore, such as being able to drink water directly from the tap. Apart from gaining personal insights and acquiring life skills, I also got to know my teachers and friends much better. Such an opportunity is hard to come by in our daily life of rushing to schools, trying to complete assignments, and preparing for tests and exams. 

Giggs Ong Zheng Yu (Sec 3E1): 
The Xi'an china trip was a new and interesting experience for me. I learnt many new things and I got the chance to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. What I enjoyed the most was the trip to the Terracotta Museum. It is one of the most famous tourist attraction in China and I would never imagine being able to see the attraction in real life. During the visit, I learnt that farmers actually discovered the terracotta warriors while trying to look for water. I also learnt that each and every terracotta warrior is uniquely built with no repeated designs. Overall, the trip to China has been great for me as I got the chance to make new friends and also bond with my classmates while learning about the china culture and heritage. During the trip, I also found out that I must cherish my friends such as my roommates as my roommates actually helped me a lot and we had a lot of fun together.