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HS History

School Write-Up.jpgHougang Secondary School started functioning on 2 January 2001 at 58 Lowland road. It was relocated to its permanent site at 2 Hougang Street 93 on 20 December 2001. The spacious and conducive physical environment as well as the up-to-date facilities offer opportunities for all Hougeans to strive for excellence and 'Make the Difference'.
The school provides a quality education with an emphasis on character development. Besides an effective teaching programme, there is a wide variety of co-curricular activities and enrichment programmes to ensure that there is abundant opportunity all Hougeans to develop their potential and excel in their areas of talent or interest. Besides the emphasis on academic achievement and participation in CCAs, the school also believes in building strength of character and inculcating values such as “Respect Yourself, Respect Others” and “Choose Wisely, Face Consequences Squarely” which serve to guide our students in their pursuit of skills and knowledge.
The school is also mindful that parents are important stakeholders in education and works in partnership with them in building in their child an inner motivation and in providing all the necessary support and encouragement as well as in moulding their child's character so that the skills and values acquired will remain with each and every Hougean and inspire him/her not only to lead and excel but to contribute selflessly to society.
May the spirit of our motto ‘Make the Difference' continue to inspire all Hougeans to strive for excellence and make a mark in all areas of their development.