Republic Polytechnic Graduation 2018 

We are pleased to congratulate our Hougeans for achieving Merit Award from Republic Polytechnic Graduation 2018.

Ang Wen Wei
Diploma in Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa Management with Merit.

Jolin Ng Kai Lin
Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media with Merit.

Singapore Polytechnic's Excellence Award

We are pleased to inform you that our former student, Lim Jing Ying, has been presented with Singapore Polytechnic's Excellence Award.

The award aims to recognise outstanding academic achievements, exceptional leadership and character as well as contributions in co-curricular activities.

We are proud of Lim Jing Ying and her achievements and believes that she will continue to do us proud.

Lim Jing Ying.jpg

Nanyang Junior College

We are pleased to congratulate our graduated Hougeans in achieving excellent results in the GCE A Level Examinations 2017.

5 Distinctions

Tang Hui Si

6 Distinctions

Toh Ming Xian

Scholarship Award 

We are pleased to congratulate our graduated Hougeans Castaneda Petrarch Carlo Candedeir and Sean Lau Wai Chuan!

Castaneda Petrarch Carlo Candedeir has been selected for this year’s Singapore Polytechnic Scholarship Award. Seah Lau Wai Chuan has been selected for SP Engineering Scholarship Award. The award recognizes students with excellent academic achievements, outstanding leadership qualities and significant accomplishments in co-curricular activities.

Castaneda Petrarch Carlo Candedeir's and Sean Lau Wai Chuan's achievements will inspire our Hougeans to strive for greater heights not just academically but in their co-curricular activities as well.