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Information and Communication Technology

Head of Department
Mdm Tang Hui Huang
ICT Mentors
Mdm Tang Hui Huang (ICT Mentor; Mother Tongue)
Miss Tan Bei Ling Serina (Mathematics)
Ms Tan Min Jie Kitty (Science)
ICT Champions
Mr Charles Wong and Mr Jeremy Khoo (English Language)
Mr Ang Ruixiang (Mother Tongue)
Mr Colin Chen Shoujie, Ms Tracy Huang and Miss Serina Tan (Mathematics)
Ms Kitty Tan and Ms Rachel Yong (Science)
Mr Andy Chong and Ms Li Huilin (Humanities)
Miss Tan Wei Jing and Mdm Ng Wen Jie (Art & Technology)
ICT Executive
Mr Jason Biene Bohol
ICT Training Executive/Trainer
Mdm Varsha Bhosle
ICT Technical Assistant
Mr Mohamad Ariffin Bin Abd Salam
Mr Nicholas Tai

ICT Vision

Responsible users who have the current ICT skills for learning, communicating, sharing and producing work effectively.

ICT Goals

1. Students to develop competencies for self-directed and collaborative learning through the effective use of ICT as well as become discerning and responsible ICT users.
2. Teachers have the capacity to plan and deliver ICT-enriched learning experiences for students to become self-directed and collaborative learners, as well as nurture students to become discerning and responsible ICT users.
3. School Leaders provide the direction and create the conditions to harness ICT for learning and teaching.
4. ICT infrastructure supports learning anytime, anywhere.

Programmes and Activities

1. eLearning Days
2. IT resource sharing using Google Apps (Email, Drive,Sites)
3. Ace-Learning for Sec 1
4. Cyberwellness Training for Sec 1&2
3. IT Training for students
  • Advanced MS Office - Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Microcontroller Training- Learning Scratch with Freaduino Uno
  • Creating Websites using Google Apps
  • Creating Animations using Adobe Flash
  • Camera Techniques 
  • Video editing
  • Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop
4. IT training for staff/teachers
  • HS-Portal
  • iSHARE portal
  • eBeam
  • Web 2.0
5. HS_PC scheme for students


Microsoft Office Academic Challenge: 
  • Champion for Powerpoint and the 2nd runner-up for Microsoft Word in the North Zone
  • 3rd for Microsoft Powerpoint in overall (National) and 7th for Microsoft Word (National)

Microsoft Office Academic Challenge for MOE staff: 
  • Mdm Hasmiah - Champion for Microsoft Word and 1st runner-up for Powerpoint
  • Mrs Lai Yee Tyng - 2nd runner-up for Microsoft Word

Web 2.0 Resources

Complete web 2.0 sites directory http://www.go2web20.net/
Free screencast
(Users will be able to record their screen activities, upload and share online)
(A simple website creation tool for creating and publishing website online.Users can create online contents without having to learn web programming languages.As no software installation is required, users can create and post lessons online within minutes.)
Yack Pack
Record and embed or link rich voice messages, quicklu and easily. Give assignments for oral practice as well as speacking and presentation skills.
Photosynth is a potent mixture of two independent breakthroughs: the ability to reconstruct the scene or object from a bunch of flat photographs, and the technology to bring that experience to virtually anyone over the Internet.
Microsoft Office Live Workspace
An online place to save, access, and share documents or task with teachers and students and get their comment on the document.Users will also be able to organize a study group or coordinate with club or team members.
Free 25GB storage on Windows Live. With SkyDrive, it's easy to store and share your files and photos with almost anyone
Microsoft Silverlight powers rich application experiences and delivers high quality, interactive video across the Web and mobile devices through the most powerful runtime available on the Web.
Microsoft Live Maps
Explore the Earth with interactive maps, directions and traffic, satellit and aerial images, bird's eye view, 3D maps and cities
Microsoft PopFly
Microsoft Popfly is the fun, easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, games, Web pages, and applications.Students and teachers will be able to create and modify online learning contents ,games and webpages.
Marvin is an award winning training and education authoring solution that produces high value interactive presentations using easily identifiable digital personalities tailored to target audiences