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Mother Tongue

Head of Department: 
Miss Lim Puay Ee

Mdm Tang Hui Huang
Mdm Janisah Johari
Mdm Siti Sapiya
Mdm Low Hwee Noi
Mdm Li Yang
Mr Ang RuiXiang
Mdm Ngoi Sheau Neng
Ms Poh Qiuyan
Miss Lee Jia Min

New MT Portal

We are pleased to inform you that the MT Portal is ready for use. https://www.imtl.sg
Student Accounts/Login Details
ALL Secondary 1 to 5 students can now access their accounts in the Portal using their Identification Number and the default password - Password-1 (Note: ‘P’ is in capital letter).
Students are strongly encouraged to change their passwords and update their email addresses in the Portal. The updated email will facilitate in retrieving forgotten password or receiving other notifications.


To nurture in our students a strong foundation in their Mother Tongue Languages and an enduring interest in their culture.


To be a value-added department that inspires the pupil love for their culture.


Our teachers are committed to produce students who are:
  • Highly proficient in the use of Mother Tongue Languages
  • Confident and articulate speakers
  • Rooted in the values and appreciative of their cultural heritage

Curriculum/Subject Offered

Express: CL / ML / TL / NTIL
Normal Academic : CL (NA) / ML (NA) / TL (NA) / NTIL (NA)
Normal Technical : BCL / BML / BTL 


  • CNY Celebrations (Term 1)
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight & Cultural Camp (Term 3-4)
  • Cultural Performance Exposure (Term 2-3)

Enrichment Programmes

Secondary 1
  • Cultural Exposure through  Seal-carving.
Secondary 2
  • Cultural Exposure through Ink-and-water painting; Traditional book-binding
Secondary 3
  • Cultural Exposure through Diabolo Experience; Prof. Wang Deyuan's seminar; Innamorati Two Musical

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 Create your own Newspaper Competition


后港中学在2016年派出了两支队伍参加了由《早报逗号》和推广华文学习委员会主办的 “全国中学生编采比赛。低年级队伍由2E1王思淩、王惠珈、郑妏萱、邝志荣代表,通过访问班上掌握华文程度各异的同学,以及新加坡国立大学中文系副教授许齐雄博士完成《华文路,冷暖自知 甘苦自尝》,获得低年级组二等奖。高年级组由3E2周婕敏、萧淑芬、梁燕玲和林惠诗代表,详细报道了后港中学中三同学到海外进行义工服务,完成《以爱灌溉 用心关怀-后港中学海外义工服务》报道,获得高年级组表扬奖。



郑妏萱、王思淩和王惠珈在总结参加心得时不约而同指出他们要感谢学校给予机会参加这个比赛,并获得宝贵的经验。在这场比赛中,他们也明白了参加比赛不只是输赢,而是过程的学习。他们在比赛里历经了意想不到的意外电脑当机让我们的努力全都白费了。当时他们虽然很伤心,但组员都没放弃,而是选择重新来过。这件事让他们学会了怎样在紧急状态时保持冷静和坚定的意志,想办法解决困难。 邝志荣也进一步提到,参加这个比赛提高了他对华文的兴趣,并一定会在未来更加努力学习华文,争取更好的成绩。



 The 8th National Chinese News Clip Competition 2016

Mother Tongue Department had taken part in various National Competitions to further expose our students to greater challenges. The following students have done HS proud by wining in “N3 Malay Cluster Scrabble Competition” and in “The 8th National Chinese News Clip Competition 2016”.

Our Hougeans did the school proud and won the Silver Award in the “The 8th National Chinese News Clip Competition 2016 ”. Chen Qing Xiang (3E1), Lim JiaXuan(3E1), Chester See (3E4 ) and Lim Si Ying (3E4) had spent weeks on their preparation. From brainstorming for the topic to be reported to writing down their own script has taught them life skills beyond their classroom. The students leveraged on the shopping event “One Dream – HOME” which was a collaboration among the various stakeholders such as Nanyang Polytechnic volunteers, our PSG members, our Alumni members and our own Hougeans. They featured on the spirit of volunteerism and interviewed many voices from the different stakeholders. They took many pictures and many video clips, sorted them, sieving out the best takes and edited with their new found skills on video editing. They spent hours and even nights in school just to make sure the best is presented, up till the very hour of submission, there were amendments to be made. The 3 minute news clip was finally produced and submitted to the organization.

An invitation to attend the award ceremony came from the organizer and we went to the ceremony without knowing the outcome. Out of more than 30 schools, at that moment where the good news was announced, Hougang Secondary emerged as the runner up (Silver Award). The hard work of the students were paid off.

Chen Qing Xiang commented that by taking part in the competition, she had learnt that no success can be celebrated without any effort. She discovered the true value of a team player and an active contributor by overcoming difficulties encountered during the process. Lim Jia Xuan realised the sweat behind every news broadcasted on TV and published on newspaper, “it’s not easy.”





Picture 1 学生在演出现场


Picture 2 学生在观赏节目之后分享自己的感受


Picture 3 学生在观赏之后接受媒体采访


External Competitions 2017

ML Unit Awards.jpeg
The Mother Tongue Malay Unit participated in two essay writing competitions held in July and August respectively. The following three lower secondary students participated in National Malay Writing Competition organised by Nusa Malay Language Centre and they won the BRONZE AWARD.

1) Aliyah Fatonah from 2E2
2) Nur Aini Amirah from 2E2
3) Alif Ridhwan from 2E2

 Also, our upper secondary students participated in Malay Writing Contest 2017 (National Level) organised by EDN-Media Consultant Pte Ltd. Muhammad Amirul from 3E3 won the SILVER AWARD while the following five students won the GOLD AWARD.
They are:
1) Muhammad Hariz from 3E1
2) Dini Umaira from 3E2
3) Iffa Nasyira from 3E3
4) Sushmita Kaur from 3E3
5) Muhammad Nur Hakim from 3E4

Hana Natisha from 3E3 who also won the GOLD AWARD came in the TOP 30 (number 27) placing in the National Level competition.