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2017 Create Your Own Newspaper Competition


后港中学派出了两支队伍参加了由《早报逗号》和推广华文学习委员会主办的 “全国中学生编采比赛”。经过第一学期漫长与紧凑的筹备,我校学生终于完成了编采比赛新闻稿。




We congratulate our Upper Secondary team for achieving Bronze prize in Create Your Own Newspaper Competition 2017.

高年级组 Upper Secondary :


陈伟心 Tan Wei Xin (3E1)

胡亮琪 Hu Liang Qi (3E1)

符文伶  Foo Wen Ling (3E3)

符文婷  Foo Wen Ting (3E3)

阮佩莎 Ruan Peisha (3E3)


参加这个比赛,让我感触良多。经过老师的教导,让我觉得其实当个记者并不容易。 作为一个记者,我觉得他们必须得客观的去看待事情、从多方面思考。他们必须想办法怎样让一个主题突出、吸引学生们看这则报道。-- 陈伟心

Through participating in this competition, it filled me with loads of thoughts. With teachers' guidance, I have come to realization that it is not easy to be a reporter. As a reporter, it is an instinct to view things in different angles and think from various perspectives. Particularly as a reporter and editor for students' magazine, they have to think of an interesting topic to attract students' attention. -- Tan Wei Xin


I have gained a lot from this competition. No article is done without hardship and effort. Hence, we have to cherish newspapers and every piece of news report. I believe no one would like their work to be treated with indifference.
-- Foo Wen Ting

经过这个比赛,我体会到了原来做一位记者是这么的困难。我们必须勇敢地向前去和很多不认识/陌生人进行访问。从文字,到访问,到排版,需要花上不少的时间。我学到了原来学习一个科目不只是坐在教室里听讲,我们还能够通过很多其他方式来学习华文。-- 胡亮琪

I have learnt that it is definitely not easy to be a reporter as we have to be courageous enough to encounter strangers for interviews. Also, it took up a lot of time from phrasing the words, doing interviews to final editing. All in all, it is an interesting way to learn Mandarin other than sitting inside the classroom. -- Hu Liang Qi

通过这项比赛,我从中学到了很多东西。比如,我了解到做一名记者并非是一件容易的事情。它必须经过一段的时间来采访受访者何把那些内容排成一个版面。这让我体会到了记者的工作和他们所付出的心血和时间,让我们在阅读报纸的时候应该用心地读,才不会浪费他们的心思。同时,采访了老师们以后,我也从中了解到做一个老师并不容易。老师需要在繁忙的工作与休息时间取得平衡。-- 符文伶

This competition has made me realize of a lot of stuff which it has never come across my mind. Of course, reporters spend a lot of time and effort in creating an article after interviews and writing. In order to make their effort payoff, we should read them with sincerity. Also, through our thematic discussion, being a teacher is not easy as well. Like reporter, teacher needs to manage their time well at the same time. -- Foo Wen Ling.



We congratulate our Lower Secondary team for achieving Commendation Award in Create Your Own Newspaper Competition 2017.

低年级 Lower  Secondary:

表扬奖 Commendation Award

韩嘉谊 Han Jia Yi (1E1)

潘宇杰 Pua Yu Jie (1E1)

阮佩雯 Ruan Peiwen (1E1)

张清微 Jermain Teo Jing Wei (1E1)