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About HS

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School Philosophy 
We admit pupils who are keen to learn and develop them according to their abilities through a quality education that emphasizes character development.

School Vision 
Passionate Learners. Principled Leaders. Grateful Citizens.

School Mission 
Care. Lead. Inspire. Partner.
School Values
Gratitude. Respect. Ingenuity. Trustworthiness. Grit.

School Motto 
Make The Difference

School Crest

 School Logo.jpg

School Crest

Three White lines Represent the acquisition of knowledge, skills and positive attitude in Hougang
Golden Figure Stands for the nurturing of each Hougean to be a person with good character and other stellar qualities

School Colours

White Symbolizes purity
Yellow Symbolizes Dignity and Excellence
Blue Symbolizes Nobleness

School Song

We sing our song with joy and pride
To tell the world we do things right
Search ourselves to be true
Uphold the creed Hougeans learn in school

We learn the skills with grit and zeal
To stand the tests both tough and real
Urge ourselves to excel
Prepare for the future that none can tell

Respect ourselves, respect others
Thus, we develop noble characters
Work together for Singapore
Make the difference on any shore

Music by : Soh Kay Cheng
Lyrics by : Chia Choon Kiat