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Angklung & Gamelan

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Hougang Nusantara Orchestra (HNO) comprises of both Angklung and Gamelan ensemble. Be amazed by the soothing sound these instruments bring to one’s soul, uplifting one’s spirit! For truly, the joy of music is real.


 To inspire others through the joy found in music


Building one’s character through music


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!


Singapore Youth Festival:
  • Certificate of Distinction (2017)
  • Certificate of Accomplishment (2015) 
  • Certificate of Distinction (2013)
  • Gold Award (2011)
  • Silver Award (2009 & 2007)

Singapore Youth Festival:
  • Certificate of Distinction (2017)
  • Certificate of Distinction (2015)
  • Certificate of Accomplishment (2013)
  • Gold Award (2011 & 2009)
  • Silver Award (2007)

Public Performances (Angklung & Gamelan)

  • July 2017: Malay Cultural Festival 2017 @ Our Tampines Hub
  • 2015: Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC SG50 National Day Dinner

CCA Leadership Structure

Executive Committee

President: Insyirah (4E2)


·         Mustaqim (4A2)

·         Haziq A (4A3)

Section Leaders:
Kulintang: Refqa (3A3)

TK: Remy (4A2)

Bass: Aliyah (4E4)

Melody: Haziq J (4A3)

Toel: Corissa (4E4)

Gamelan (Guys): Raiyan (3E4)
Gamelan (Girls):
Syafiqah (4E3)

Quarter Masters:

Angklung: Hau Shuan (4E1)
Kyle Ambos (4E1)

Costumes IC: Low Ze Ying (4E4)
Attendance IC: Ariana Yap (4E1)

VIA Leaders

·         Wardina (4E3)

·         Gim Hwee (4A1)

·         Aini (4E4)

Teachers In-Charge

  • Mdm Sri Nabilah Basri (OIC)
  • Mdm Bhanumathy
  • Ms Sisca Christine
  • Ms Wee Swee Kee

Training Venue and Days

Day: Tuesday & Friday
Time: 3.15 pm - 5.45 pm (Tue) / 2.30 pm - 5.39 pm (Fri)
Venue: COE Room