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Guzheng Ensemble

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If there’s will, there’s a success.


Work hard and Never Give Up


Don’t hesitate and Just Do It


Singapore Youth Festival:
  • Certificate of Distinction (2017)
  • Certification  of Accomplishment (2015)
  • Certification of Distinction (2013)

CCA Leadership Structure

Chairperson: Natasha Koh 
Vice Chairperson: Queenie Lee 
Event Head & Secretary: Ng Yi Shi 
VIA Head: Ng Shi Qi 
Logistic Head: Siwau Theng Yi 
Housekeeping Head: Phoebe Mak 
Treasurer: Tan Hui Xin

Teachers In-Charge

  • Mdm Aw Lay Hoon (OIC)
  • Ms Chen Si Si
  • Ms Kitty Tan
  • Miss Wang Xiao Hui
Instructor: Ms Cui Jingyi

Training Venue and Days

Training Day: Tuesday & Friday
Training Time: 3.15 pm - 5.45 pm (Tue) / 1.15 pm – 3.45 pm (Fri)
Training Venue: AVA Room

VIA Day: Alternate Friday
VIA Time: 3.45 pm – 6 pm
VIA Venue: Jia Ying Community Centre