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Symphonic Band

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  • Singapore Youth Festival 2017 (Certificate of Accomplishment)
  • Band Exchange Programme at Crescent Girls School (2015)
  • Singapore Youth Festival 2015 (Certificate of Accomplishment)
  • Singapore Youth Festival 2013 (Certificate of Accomplishment)
  • Singapore Youth Festival 2011 (Silver Award)
  • Service Learning at Elias CC (2013)
  • Band Exchange Programme at St Andrew’s Secondary (2013)
  • Performance Chingay Procession (2012)
  • Singapore Ensemble Competition  (2011):
  • Brass Quintet – Ho Junyan 1st prize
  • Clarinet – Anna Lee 3rd Prize
  • Saxophone Quartet – Adjudicators Commendation

CCA Leadership Structure

Executive Committee
Band Majors:
  • Ansel Teo Wen Ang (3E1)
  • Lu Dinghao (3E3)
Student Conductor: Chia Hui Ting Celeste (3E1)
  • Ng Lyn Yee (3E3)
  • Trisha Tan (2A1)*
  • Jovan Wang Ying Ming (3E1)
  • Tan Yi Ting, Kelly (3A2)
  • Hannah Farihah Bte Mohd Yazid (2E2)*
  • Kian Jia Yan (3E3)
  • Ng Hui Lin (2E1)* 
  • Neo Pei Yi (2E3)*
VIA Reps:
  • Dejumo Angelo Nikko Magsombol (3A1)
  • Fung Him Shun (3E1)
  • Tan Chong Hean Benjamin (3E2)
*Sec 2 Understudy

Sectional Leaders
Flute / Oboe: Chia Hui Ting Celeste (3E1)
Clarinet: Jovan Wang Ying Ming (3E1)
Saxophone: Dejumo Angelo Nikko Magsombol (3A1)
Trumpet: Tan Yi Ting, Kelly (3A2)
Trombone: Darren Tan Jun Le (2E3)
French Horn: Lu Dinghao (3E3)
Euphonium: Ng Hui Lin (2E1)
Tuba: Neo Pei Yi (2E3)
Percussion: Ansel Teo Wen Ang (3E1)

Teachers In-Charge

  • Mr Ang Ruixiang (OIC)
  • Mr chia Huang Hao
  • Mdm Rachel Chan
Instructors: Ms Samantha Chong

Training Venue and Days

Day: Tuesday & Friday
Time: 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm (Tue) / 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm (Fri)
Venue: Music Room / Classroom

Enrichment Activities

  • Band Camp (Nov 2017)
  • CCA-VIA Leaders Affirmation Night 2017 (30th of June 2017)
  • Music Exchange with other schools at Crescent Girls School (Mar 2017)
  • Watching SSO Concert at The Esplanade (Feb 2017)
  • Watch concert performance at Esplanade (2015)
  • Band Bonding Camp (2015)
  • Band day camp (2014)

Chingay Procession

Enrichment Classes – Building Character through Various Activities

Service Learning at Elias CC
Service Learning Performance at Elias CC