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LEAPS 2.0 Guide

A holistic education provides students with a broad and deep foundation for lifelong learning. This includes learning not just in the academic areas. Equally important is the development of values and life skills in each child. This will equip the child to handle the challenges in life later on.

A holistic education also supports students to discover their strengths, interests and talents. Students tend to flourish in areas they are interested in. Thus, as far as possible, we should allow them to pursue their areas of interest.

HS offers a range of co-curricular programmes to help students achieve a holistic education. Community service is also invaluable in helping students develop qualities such as care, concern and respect for others in society.

LEAPS 2.0 is a framework to recognise secondary school students' holistic development. Students will be recognised with levels of attainment in four domains: Participation, Achievement, Leadership and Service.

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LEAPS 2.0.pdf