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The school believes in providing a holistic education for every student and we are committed to cultivating GRIT STARs. A GRIT STAR is a Lifelong Learner, Socially-apt Person, Problem Solver, Tech-savvy Netizen and Rooted Citizen who possesses gratitude, respect, ingenuity, trustworthiness and grit. We also strive to provide leadership opportunities for every Hougean and equip them with knowledge, skills and values to be a Principled Leader.  


Our Character Development Programmes

·       Character and Citizenship Education

·       Co-Curricular Activities

·       Student Leadership

·       Values-in-Action

·       Pupil Management

Character Coaching through Level Programmes

Sec 1: Orientation Camp
Sec 2: Adventure Camp
Sec 3: Bonding Day
Sec 4 & 5: Bonding Day

Character Coaching through National Education Programmes

HS commemorated the four key National Education events through students-planned ceremony and activities.



    Learning for Life Programme - Community Youth Leadership (LLP-CYL)

    Values-in-Action, A Hougean Way Of Life

    The LLP programme, Values-in-Action, A Hougean Way of Life, aims to
    1. Develop students as GRIT STARs
    2. Provide a sustained and enhanced student-centric values education progressively over 4/5 years which impacts the community


    Sec 1

    Sec 2

    Sec 3

    Sec 4/5

    IPW Programme: Students devised innovative ways to solve problems using the Design Thinking approach.

    Selected students take part in Overseas Service-Learning trips.

    Students serve as volunteers in the national event Chingay.

    Identifying Community Needs

    Improving Communication skills

    Leadership Challenge Model Training: The school adopts The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner as their student leadership framework.

    CCA-VIA : Each CCA identifies a suitable community partner and the VIA activities are conducted during their CCA regularly. This is done with guidance from Upper Secondary VIA leaders who lead their CCAs in implementing projects to meet community needs.  

    VIA Training for selected students in all CCAs: these training sessions aim to teach students about servant leadership, project management and encouraging teamwork.

    Student Leaders Training Camp: The aim of the camp was to build a community of student leaders who are able to come together and support one another in their leadership process.


    Examples of Service-Learning Projects in 2018




    Project Title:

    Mindful of Needs


    Clients of Movement for the Intellectually Disabled Singapore

    Learning outcomes:

    Basketballers were tasked to interact and come up with games for individuals with special needs in the MINDS School. The precious hours of interaction allowed the basketballers to see the world with difference lenses, and opened their hearts to people who may be different but also just as similar.



    Guzheng Ensemble

    Project Title:

    Happy Bellies, Happy Hearts


    Elderly at Jiaying Senior Activity Centre

    Learning outcomes:

    The regular service rendered to the elderly at Jiaying Senior Activity Centre helps students from Guzheng foster a tighter bond between the different generations. Students were determined to let the elderly enjoy something different this year: yam cake cooking demonstration, movie screening in HS AVA theatre with piping hot yam cake and green bean soup served to them. Nothing beats sharing some laughter over a movie and enjoying a meal together.