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Learning for Life Programme - Community Youth Leadership (LLP-CYL)

Values-in-Action, A Hougean Way Of Life

The LLP programme, Values-in-Action, A Hougean Way of Life, aims to 

1. To develop students as GRIT STARs 

2. To provide a sustained and enhanced student-centric values education progressively over 4/5 years which impacts the community.


Sec 1

Sec 2

Sec 3

Sec 4/5

IPW Programme: Students devised innovative ways to solve problems using the Design Thinking approach.

Selected students take part in Overseas Service-Learning trips.

Students serve as volunteers in the national event Chingay.

Identifying Community Needs

Improving Communication skills

Leadership Challenge Model Training: The school adopts The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner as their student leadership framework.

CCA-VIA : Each CCA identifies a suitable community partner and the VIA activities are conducted during their CCA regularly. This is done with guidance from Upper Secondary VIA leaders who lead their CCAs in implementing projects to meet community needs.  

VIA Training for selected students in all CCAs: these training sessions aim to teach students about servant leadership, project management and encouraging teamwork.

Student Leaders Training Camp: The aim of the camp was to build a community of student leaders who are able to come together and support one another in their leadership proces

Students' Reflection

Reflection from Lim Hui Jing 4A1’2018

I am Huijing from 4A1 and I am here to share one of the school core value, Ingenuity.

Ingenuity is the quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful and is rather necessary in more ways than not for our day-to-day tasks.

Part of my CCA’s VIA efforts is to head down to a kindergarten nearby to teach the kids new skills and vocabulary every Friday. As a performing arts group, Speech and Drama Club will engage in storytelling, sing-alongs and sometimes even dance in order to impart new vocabulary words or illustrate an important moral from the story. Each session would see us having to come up with new and creative ideas to capture and sustain the kids’ attention. This is made more challenging with sessions being conducted in the afternoon, a time of the day where the young ones are generally restless and tired. After some thought, we decided to explore the use of technology and hence for the following session, brought some iPads with books, music and pictures downloaded beforehand to engage the kids. Fortunately, individuals became more engaged and would pay close attention to the story, absorb more vocabulary as well as capture the morel of the story with greater ease.

The sense of achievement we experienced from thinking out of the box, out of our usual norm, is very much welcomed. And it was through this that I learnt in a very tangible way that ingenuity can take form in our everyday decisions.

Frank Capra, an American-Italian film director, once said that ‘a hunch is creativity trying to tell you something’. Let’s be bold to try out new ways to undertake our day-to-day tasks! We might be pleasantly surprised by where that brings us!

Reflection from Nelson Tan Mao Jun 4A1’2018

I am Nelson from 4A1. Today, I will be sharing with you my GRIT moment.

During the recent preparations for the Chinese New Year, my parents had tasked me to help out with the spring cleaning efforts of my house. It involved the cleaning up of my rooms and the many old items I’ve chucked aside in the course of the year, and the general tidying up ofthe house. Why must I do this ‘hard labour’? Hard labour. This phrase reminds me of my class OSL trip last year.

We were assigned to an orphanage in a rural area in Batam, and we had to do hard labour there. At the orphanage, we were tasked to do various renovations to the place to make it more comfortable for the children and the caretakers to live in. For example, painting the walls, changing the kitchen tiles, and building a safety barrier around a well. These were real hard labour. My classmates and I had aching muscles at the end of each day. However, on the last day of our trip, looking at the transformation of the physical place, every single bead of sweat was worth it.

This experience reminded me of how fortunate I am to be able to live comfortably in my flat, how my parents are still healthy and are always there for me, how my friends in school make my school life so much more bearable, and how I get to visit my relatives and receive angbaos during Chinese New Year. These are the little things that we take for granted - many of which are someone else’s wishes and prayers.

I would like to end my sharing by encouraging all of you to remember to take time to be thankful for the people around us, and the clean and safe environment we get to live in.