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School Discipline

Hougang Secondary School adopts a whole-school holistic approach in managing school discipline with the aim of instilling self-discipline in our pupils. As a community, all Hougeans are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner that promotes a conducive environment for learning. Overall, the rules and regulations are designed to create a safe and secure environment for students to learn and teachers to carry out their duties.

The Pupil Management Department carries out reflection sessions (adapted from the Restorative Approach) with the students to address misbehaviour and guide students to think responsibly, reflect on their actions and come up with solutions. Punishments for offences are accompanied by reflections so that students can understand the rationale for the punishment and learn to be responsible for their own actions.

HOD/Pupil Management

Ms Tan Yi Na

SH/Pupil Management (Int)Ms Kitty Tan Min Jie

Operations Manager

Mr Khir Ramley Jenaton

Sec 1 Discipline Level Coordinator

Mdm Azlinah Bte Wahed, Mdm Amalina Abdul Samad, Ms Jane Ho, Mr Abdul Hakim

Sec 2 Discipline Level Coordinator

Ms Sisca Haryanto, Mdm Sally Ho

Sec 3 Discipline Level Coordinator

Ms Nur Syahira, Ms Chua Ke Ying, Mdm Sri Nabilah

Sec 4/5 Discipline Level Coordinator

Mr Darryl Lim YC, Mr Chew Mou Yi


The school rules provide guidelines for acceptable student behaviour and conduct. They are designed to help students cultivate a set of positive behaviour that will empower them to learn in a safe and meaningful environment. Every student is expected to be familiar and to comply with these stipulated rules. These rules apply within the school premises and at all other school-organised activities held outside the school.

Respect for our Nation and School

     Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and recite the State Pledge.

     Students will recite the State Pledge with the right fists placed over their hearts.

     Students who are not citizens of Singapore must stand at attention and remain silent whenever the National Anthem is sung and the State Pledge is recited.

     Students will sing the School Song with pride.

Respect for our Personal and School Property

     Students are to keep every part of the school clean.

     Students are to report any equipment fault to the relevant parties promptly.

     Students are to return all borrowed items to the appropriate parties promptly and in good condition.

     Students must be responsible and accountable for safekeeping of their personal belongings. The school will not be held liable for any loss.

Attendance and Punctuality

     Students must observe punctuality at all times for all school-related activities.

     Students are required to be seated at the stipulated reporting venue by 0730 h every day.

     If a student is unable to attend school because he/she is unwell, he/she should submit the medical certificate (only from MOH-registered clinics) to the Character Coach the following school day.

Morning Assembly

    Students are to observe silence during morning assembly once the school personnel-in-charge/student leader takes his/her position.

     Students are expected to bring the appropriate reading materials and do silent reading every morning.

     Students are to return to the classroom in an orderly manner at the end of the morning assembly.

Curriculum Time

     Students are to be present and punctual for all classes. (Attendance)

     Students are to ensure attire and grooming is right and classroom is clean. (Attire)

   Students are to stand up and greet their teachers before the commencement of lesson and at the end of lesson. Students must have only necessary materials on their desk and pay full attention to teacher. (Attention)

     Students must not bring things that are not relevant to the curriculum and/or the learning process. For example, game/ trading cards, digital/electronic devices and sharp objects (including scissors with sharp points).

     Students are to participate actively during lesson and always have their learning materials ready. (Activities)

     Students must complete and submit all homework promptly and neatly.

     Students are to demonstrate the GRIT values in class. (Attitude)

     Students are to move in an orderly manner when moving from one classroom to another during curriculum time.

     Students must obtain permission pass from the teacher before leaving any classroom.

     Students must obtain written permission from the Character Coach before leaving school during curriculum time.

     Students can only enter special rooms with the supervision of a teacher.

     Students are not allowed to purchase or consume food during curriculum time.

Recess Time/Snack Break

     Students are to leave their classrooms quietly and in an orderly manner so as not to disturb classes that are having lessons during recess.

     Students must not remain in class or loiter around the classrooms and special rooms.

     Students are to queue up to purchase food and drinks.

     Students are to purchase and consume all food and drinks in the canteen during recess time.

     Students must return all utensils, crockery, empty cups, etc. to the receptacles provided by the vendors.

     Students must help to maintain cleanliness in the canteen.

     Students are to engage in sports-related activities only at designated areas.

     Students are to return back to class quickly and quietly five minutes before the end of recess time.

     Students may bring light, healthy snacks with them and consume in class during the snack break.

     During the snack break, students are not allowed to go to the canteen to purchase food.

   Students must take ownership in ensuring good hygiene practices during the snack break to keep their classrooms clean and conducive for learning e.g. proper disposal of the wrappers from the consumption of the snacks. 

Acceptable items for snack break

Unacceptable items for snack break


      Fried Food

      Bun (e.g. kaya bun)

      Rice, Porridge or Noodles



      Slice of cake

      Chocolate Bar


      Tidbits (e.g. Potato Chips)


      Energy Bar

      Fruit (e.g. apple or  banana)

Weekly Assembly

     Students are to move quickly and quietly to the hall.

     Students are to observe silence when they are in the hall at all times.

     Students are to be seated with their class neatly in a row.

     Students must show respect towards all speakers and/or performers by paying attention.

After Dismissal

     Students must not loiter in public areas such as shopping malls, playgrounds and void decks after school.

     Students must behave in a respectable manner and uphold the school values at all times.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

     During curriculum time, mobile phones/electronic devices are to be switched off and kept safely in the students’ bag.

     Mobile phones/electronic devices should be kept out of sight and switched off during the change-over of lessons and while students are walking along the corridor.

     During recess, the use of mobile phones/electronic devices will be restricted to the two call zones: the canteen and the foyer area.

     Students can only use the mobile phones/electronic devices for learning purposes when permission is given by a school staff.

     In violation of the mobile phone policy, mobile phone/electronic device will be confiscated for 5 school days (inclusive of the day of confiscation) and kept under lock and key in the General Office. An information form will be issued to student. Confiscated mobile phone/electronic device will be returned only after 5 school days with a signed parent’s reply slip.

     Battery of personal electronic devices must not be charged in school, or else they will be confiscated.

Possession of weapons and weapon-like items

        All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item, including paper cutter and scissors with sharp edges, which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to self or others.

Attire and Grooming Guidelines For Male Students (Modifications to the prescribed school uniform is strictly NOT allowed)


        Boys’ hairstyle should be neat and short.

        Fringe when combed down must not be touching the eyebrows.

        Sideburns should not touch the tip of the ears or cover the ears.

        Hair at the back of the neck should be sloped and above the collar.

        Outlandish hairstyle (e.g. Mohawk, overlap, extremely high slope, side shave) are not allowed.

        Boys must be clean shaven. They must not sport a moustache or beard.

        Dyeing of hair is not allowed.

        Pants should not be altered to look tapered, baggy or of inappropriate length.

        Name tag should be seen at all times.

        School tie to be worn at all times within the school premises.

For Female Students (Modifications to the prescribed school uniform is strictly NOT allowed)


        Long hair must be tied up neatly.

        Girls with shoulder-length hair or hair touching the collar must tie up their hair at all times.

        Fringe touching the eyebrows must be pinned up using a black pin.

        Only simple black hair accessories are allowed.

        Dyeing of hair is not allowed.

        Culottes’ length should touch the knee cap.

        Name tag should be seen at all times.

        School tie to be worn at all times within the school premises.

School Uniform/ Grooming

        Students are to wear their prescribed school uniform without any alteration when reporting for, attending and leaving school and school events.

        Students are to wear their full uniform which consists of the blouse and culottes/pants every Monday.

        Students are allowed to wear their half uniform which consists of the Polo t-shirt  and culottes/pants on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

PE Attire

        HS PE attire (both t-shirt and shorts) must be worn during all PE lessons.

        Other sports attire is not allowed. (e.g. FBT, Nike or Adidas etc)

Shoes and Socks

        Only school shoes which are predominantly white in colour are allowed.

        Use of black, grey or blue should be limited to a small part of the shoes.

        Neon or fluorescent coloured panels/ stripes are not allowed.

        Only plain white socks without any logos are allowed.

        High cut shoes are not allowed.

Cosmetics and Fingernails

        Use of cosmetics is not allowed.

        Fingernails must be kept short and clean at all times.

        Use of nail polish is not allowed.

        Nail/hand painting is not allowed.

        Tattoos are strictly not allowed.


        Jewellery, rings, friendship or coloured bands, bracelets, anklets or any cosmetic ornaments are not to be worn.

        Permission must be granted by the school authority for religious ornaments.

        Religious ornaments, if worn, should not be visible to others.

        Body piercing is not allowed.

        Only girls are allowed to wear one pair of pin-sized ear studs of the same design, with one ear studs on each ear at the bottom of the lobe. Earrings or expensive ear studs should not be worn.

Contact Lenses and Spectacle Frames

        Coloured or fanciful contact lenses are not allowed.

        Fanciful and loud coloured spectacle frames are not allowed. For e.g. red, yellow, orange and neon-coloured frames.

Wearable Technologies

        Wearable technologies such as Smart Watches with features such as camera and video recording functions and other internet-enabled features are not allowed at all times.



Offence Type




Late coming

Late arrival to school after 0730 h.

Students can be sent home if they arrive after 0800h.

Skipping Classes

Absence from formal lessons without a valid reason


Improper attire and grooming

Not abiding by the school rules on attire and grooming


Dropping or leaving rubbish within and outside school premises

Not doing


Not handing in class work, homework and project work neatly, promptly and punctually.

Use of vulgarities

Verbalising vulgar language to any person within and outside school


Offence Type




Leaving school

Leaving school premises without permission within school hours


Absence from school without a valid reason on school days


Cheating in assessments/ tests/exams

Possession of unauthorised materials and/or notes. Copying from others, allowing others to copy, tampering with marks


Forging signatures, medical certificates, consent forms, etc.  with the intention to deceive

Open defiance and rudeness

Display of rudeness and disrespect in speech or actions

Bullying (including verbal and cyber bullying)

Hurting, intimidating or slandering others using power and strength in person or through other electronic forms like emails, mobile phones and other social networking websites.

Disruptive Behaviour

Act or conduct which interferes the smooth running of class or school events

Abuse of Technology

Improper, unlawful, or incorrect use of information communications and technology.

This includes posting unauthorised or malicious videos and podcasts on the internet; impersonating another’s online identity; illegal downloading, etc.

Theft / Damage of Property


Planting explosives or setting property on fire, whether attempted or actual


Stealing school property or property belonging to others


Wilful and malicious destruction of personal, school or public property, including writing graffiti

Other Serious Offences


Violence against others regardless of whether or not any injury has been sustained


Confrontation between individuals or opposing groups with the intention to harm using bodily force or weapons


Using money or its equivalent in games, betting, etc.


Gang assault / threat / harassment / extortion / money laundering, whether actual or attempted


Consumption / possession / distribution / sale of pornographic materials

Possession of Weapons

Possession of objects which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others. This includes paper cutter and scissors with sharp edges

Possession of lighters

Use / possession of lighters


Use / possession / distribution / sale of cigarettes/e-cigarettes

Substance abuse

Use / possession / distribution / sale of alcohol, drugs, inhalants

Sexual abuse / Molestation

Any verbal or physical (including consensual or forced) acts of sexual misconduct

Outrage of Modesty

Any verbal or gestures intended to “insult the modesty” of any women


Trespass any rooms or areas that are out of bounds to students

Causing public nuisance

Engaging in activities in public that tarnish the school image

Any other serious offence that do not fall in the above categories


NOTE: Students who have committed any major offence will receive a ‘Fair’ or ‘Poor’ conduct grade. Repeated minor offences will also be classified as a major offence. He/she will be given a “Fair” or “Poor” conduct grade which means that he/she will not be eligible for any application of awards, scholarships, bursaries, etc.


The following describes the possible disciplinary actions which will be applied to students who exhibit behaviour that does not support the school’s values. The administration of the school disciplinary action may not be in the sequence prescribed below as the final decision will depend on the situation in which the offence was committed, its nature and its severity.

These corrective measures are used to help students understand both the consequences of their actions and the right values on which their actions should be based. Corrective measures are a form of deterrence and a way to teach students to respect the school, the school staff and their peers. It is student-centric in its aim to help them change for the better.


Actions to be taken

All minor offences 


     Corrective work order



     Parental involvement

Major offences

(A repeated minor offence may be classified as a major offence)



    Corrective work order

    Caning (private/classroom/public)

    In-school/ home suspension

    Public reflection


    Referral to police

    Parental involvement

    All substance abuse offences will be referred to Central Narcotics Bureau on top of the above mentioned.

    Any offence against the law of the Republic of Singapore is a very serious offence and as such, the school may consider expulsion of any student guilty of such an offence.