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HS Innovates!

Promoting an Innovative Mindset

In HS, Innovation means asking questions to challenge the process, trying out new ideas and making improvement

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Design Thinking Approach


Gain insights about targeted audience by stepping into their shoes.
Conducting observations, interviews and surveys.


Select and d describe the needs/challenges faced by your audience.
Constructing a design statement based on the needs of audience and insights gathered.


Generate solutions to the challenge.
Brainstorming for ideas by generating as many ideas as possible.
Building on each other’s ideas by suspending judgement during the process.


Trial one or more of your ideas.
Creating mock-ups of product or conducting experiments on process.


Evaluate and improve your final idea.
Gathering feedback from audience and looking for areas to improve.
Repeat Design Thinking Cycle.

Design Thinking Curriculum

  • To instil an innovative mind set using the Design Thinking approach. 
  • To inculcate creativity and critical thinking skills through solving authentic problems. 
  • To promote a culture of collaboration through working in teams.