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Learning Journey to Hong Kong. 28-31 May 2019

A group of 30 students and 4 teachers from Hougang Secondary School embarked on a trip to Hong Kong from 28 to 31 May 2019. This immersion trip not only provided opportunities for us to be exposed to diverse topics of Science through authentic learning and also enhanced our cultural intelligence.



We started Day 1 by exploring the Hong Kong Science Museum located in Tsim Sha Tsui East area. The Museum was filled with various exhibits covering a wide range of scientific and technological knowledge. We had a chance to discover four major themes of Science which include the introduction of the exhibition, natural science, life science, and technology, through interaction with the participatory exhibits. Next, we visited the Heritage of Mei Ho House Museum, the last remaining example of Hong Kong’s first generation of the public housing estate. We learned about the history of Hong Kong’s public housing and its evolution throughout the years. Day 1 had left us in awe and excitement as we looked forward to the rest of the trip.







Day 2, we were given the opportunity to experience Hong Kong’s education system and interact with the local students at Yuen Long Public Secondary School. Guided by the school’s Student Association Committee, we toured different parts of the school. We also joined the local students for Chemistry lesson and conducted a small experiment with them. We were fascinated by the STEM Workshop shared by the students of Yuen Long Public Secondary School where students combined their knowledge in science and technology into inventions. We were inspired by their passion for Science and their ingenuity in their projects.






After that, we visited the Golden Bauhinia Square to check out Hong Kong’s city flower, the Golden Bauhinia Flower and admired the view of Kowloon at the opposite side. We enjoyed ourselves as we took in the afternoon atmosphere of this busy city. Day 2 provided us with an insight into the rich and unique culture of Hong Kong.




On Day 3, we were fueled up by adrenaline as we headed to Hong Kong Disneyland. During the half-day YES (Youth Education Series) programme, we learned about the Physics concepts behind the construction of the theme park such as friction, conversion of energy and the transmission of sound and light waves. After the programme, we headed off in our respective groups and took a variety of exciting rides which allowed us to bond together. We had lots of fun and laughter that day. We ended the day on a wonderful note with the Paint The Night Parade showcasing many Disney characters from Mickey Mouse to Tinkerbell.




The last day in Hong Kong was spent indulging in learning. We visited the Hong Kong Science Technology Park at which we participated in a programme called Robo Workshop. We were challenged to build a goal-kicking robot out of Lego pieces and motor to kick a ball into the goal post. The 3-hour long activity served as a platform to demonstrate the school values of Ingenuity and Grit. Despite the challenges faced, we worked together as a team to the best of our abilities to send out the best version of our robots and compete with other groups. It was undoubtedly a very enriching experience for everyone. Next, we toured around the Science Technology Park and experienced the integration of Science and Technology shared by different companies there. After which, we moved on to the Hong Kong’s Housing Authority. We learned about the evolution of Hong Kong’s housing scheme as well as the planning behind it. The exhibitions had made us realised the myriad of similarities and differences between Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s housing schemes. Finally, we made our way to the airport, still feeling reluctant that we had to leave. At the same time, we also felt excited that we could share with fellow Hougeans about the splendid four days experience in Hong Kong.