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Learning Journey to Phuket, Thailand 29 Oct - 01 Nov 2019

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On 29th October 2019, a group of 35 students from five sports CCA (Floorball, Football, Netball, Basketball and Judo) and 4 teachers travelled to Phuket, Thailand for their Overseas Learning Journey.  This trip was organised uniquely for the sports CCA students and a distinctive feature of the trip was the platform for students to initiate, plan and execute meaningful sports-related service learning activities - allowing them to apply their skills and knowledge acquired through their CCA in an authentic setting. This Overseas Learning Journey also enhanced their experiential learning skills while appreciating the Thai lifestyle and culture.

There are five learning objectives of this trip. Firstly, it aims to broaden students’ world view and develop an appreciation for the rich Thai heritage and culture, through various experiences and interactions. Secondly, to provide a platform for students to cultivate appreciation and love for our country by recognising the differences between Singapore and Thailand as well as developing an appreciation for Singapore’s uniqueness through foreign lens. Thirdly, we want to instill the  school values through various platforms for interaction with the Thai locals and among our own school students. The fourth objective is to provide opportunities for students to initiate, plan and execute meaningful sports-related service learning. Finally, we want to positively influence the next generation of Singaporeans by developing their awareness of the world and helping them define their role within it.

Before the trip, our Hougeans had five sessions of planning and preparation for the activities and games. These sessions were rare opportunities for them to work with friends from other sports CCA, which allowed them to bring their different sporting backgrounds and experiences and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The team were split into four groups to focus on the planning for the (1) Interaction activities and (2) Sports Day for the Sunshine Village Foundation; (3) logistics for the trip and (4) media coverage/showcase.

Day 1:
  1. Interaction at Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation

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On the first day of the trip, the team visited the Sunshine Village Foundation - a loving foster home for children in need. The children warmed up to the team’s friendly faces and smiles almost immediately. It was a meaningful experience for the students as they executed the interaction activities that they have planned. Despite the language barrier, the students displayed the school values of Ingenuity and Grit as they communicated through clear demonstrations and patience. The session ended off with a performance of our students as music became the common language that bonded everyone.

B. Phuket FantaSea Cultural Show

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In the evening, the team went to Phuket FantaSea, a vibrant complex of amusement park that covers international cuisines, entertainment and shopping with the main theme of traditional Thailand. After enjoying a sumptuous meal, they attended a Thai cultural show - Fantasy of a Kingdom. It was an extravaganza display of immersive arts and entertainment forms, which ranged from traditional Thai cultural dances to the novel use of modern technology. It was truly a feast for the eyes!

Day 2:

A. Sports Day at Sunshine Village Foundation

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The second day started with the students executing all the games planned for the Sports Day for PSVF students. It was an unforgettable experience for them as they came together from various sports CCAs and created a memorable day of fun for the children.  It was heartwarming to see their hard labour of planning come into fruition and it further strengthened the trust the group had with one another since they started out from the planning stages. From this experience and interaction with the children, they learnt to be more grateful for all the opportunities they had back in HS and Singapore. 

B. Big Buddha

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Visiting this site, our Hougeans connected with nature and learn to appreciate traditional and religious practices which aligns with school value of Respect. Known among Thais as the Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha, the main statue was built in 2004 and is 25 meters across at the base. The whole body is constructed with reinforced concrete, layered with beautiful Burmese white jade marble that shines in the sun. The views, and the actual image itself are breathtaking. Phuket's Big Buddha is one of the most important and revered landmarks on the island. The lofty site offers the best 360-degree views of the island.

C. Zorbing

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Our Hougeans also participated in a thrilling outdoor activity known as Zorbing Rollerball. This activity generated massive adrenaline and excitement as the students descended the 190 meter hill inside a three metre diameter flexible plastic ball. This was also a perfect opportunity for them to step out of their comfort zone and confront their fears together. At the same time, the school value of Grit and teamwork are demonstrated as they moved from one point to another down the sloping route. 

Day 3: Grp 3

A. Friendly @ Drasamuth School

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Darasamuth School is an exciting and stimulating environment. Some of the subjects that are taught in this school are English language, Maths, Science, Social Studies, History, Health, Sports and Art. Darasamuth EP upholds and instils Thai cultural values to its students. The Darasamuth School welcome our Hougeans with a mass Zumba song and dance. In response, Hougeans performed a song with one of our own students playing the guitar. After that, our students put their sports abilities to test as they participated in friendly games for Futsal, Basketball and Dodgeball. It was the first International match for our Hougeans athletes and it was definitely a  thrilling and eye-opening learning experience for them. 

Day 4:

A. Muay Thai Training

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On the last day, the excitement continued as they visited the Muay Thai and Training camp @ Sukko Spa. Muay Thai is a martial art that originated from Thailand. The group was very fortunate to be trained by the experienced fighters and trainers. There were many techniques that were taught. One of our Judokas was also able to show his martial art skills by sparring with one of the trainers. Despite being exhausted after four days of activities, the Hougeans demonstrated GRIT and persevered throughout the training. 

B. Upside down MuseumPhuket 24.jpg

Finally, just before they head back to the airport for the flight home, the students visited the Upside Down House Museum where they challenged their perspectives and put on their ‘ingenuity hat’ to take attractive photos that looked disorientating yet funny and creative. This visit inspired them to look at everyday objects from a different lens. 

Overall, this Overseas Learning Journey has enabled the students to gain much from the meaningful interactions with the Thai counterparts as well as forge stronger friendships within the group of Sports CCA students.