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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Effective Communication Skills through Authentic Learning

A brief introduction:

  • The purpose of Hougang Secondary School Applied Learning Programme is to promote communication skills using authentic learning as a platform.
  • This is because authentic learning is real-life learning and the act of acquiring communication skills is seen to be inseparable from the daily task of communication.
  • All students undergo a 3-year Applied Learning Programme:
    • Sec 1: Photo Blogging Skills
    • Sec 2: Journalism and Broadcasting Skills
    • Sec 3: Debating and Public Speaking Skills

However, we also provide many other opportunities for students to deepen their learning, as well as for students with a keener interest in communication to further develop their skills.

Programmes for students:

  • GRIT Moments
  • Wednesday Afternoon Live
  • Photo Blogging
  • Events coverage (student journalism, emcees)
  • Straits Times media workshops
  • Public Speaking and Debate competitions

HS Debate Challenge 2018 

Events Coverage

GRIT Moments

Public Speaking and Debate Competitions

Secondary 1 Photo blogging

Straits Times Media Workshops

Wednesday Afternoon Live