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Head of Department
Mr Andy Koh Min Chit
Subject Head 
Mdm Li Huilin
Miss Tan Yi Na
Mr Ng Wee Chung
Mr Chin Khai Fung 
Mrs Jeannie Pan
Mdm Jasmine Law-Spain
Mr Darrell Lim Dao Wei
Mdm Yvonne Tan
Mr Andy Chong
Miss Joanne Toh

  • Aristotle once said, "For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.

Simply put, knowledge is gained by making meaning from direct experiences, a theory popularized by renowned American educational theorist, David A. Kolb.

At HSS, the inquiry approach is the cornerstone to our students’ learning. Our students learn how to gather relevant information, to make sense of them meaningfully, and to draw well-reasoned conclusions supported by evidence. To facilitate the learning, the department organises numerous learning journeys to support the inquiry process.

Within the classrooms, student-centred pedagogies such as Collaborative Learning and Student Directed Learning are widely used to engage our learners. , The department has also incorporated thinking routines from Harvard’s Making Thinking Visible into the curriculum to build a classroom culture and community of enthusiastically engaged thinkers and learners. Different ICT tools such as Nearpod, Kahoot and Padlet are employed by the teachers to support ICT education.


Nurturing lifelong learners in the study of Humanities


For Geographical Inquiry (GI), our Secondary 1 students will do field studies at Punggol Waterway to conduct water quality studies. The Secondary 2 students will visit Serangoon Central to conduct qualitative studies on housing issues. The Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 students will also conduct field studies at Gardens By the Bay, Art Science Museum and Marina Barrage to enhance their understanding on the challenges and solutions of Singapore’s urban development. 


For Historical Inquiry (HI), students will visit different museums towards gaining knowledge of Singapore’s past from authentic sources. Secondary 1 students will visit the Malay Heritage Centre, while Secondary 2 students will visit the National Museum of Singapore. Through visits to these museums, students will learn more about the social history of the different communities in Singapore, and how each of these communities worked together towards the building of present-day Singapore. 


The department also runs the Earth Week programme towards raising Environmental awareness among the school staff and students. Through the activities organised during the week, students get to visit exhibits and take part in activities which help to shape their environmental consciousness.

The department also work with other departments to ensure that environmental-related concepts are taught during that week. Students will get to embark on special environmental projects related to the respective subjects.  

For SciTechHumatics, the department collaborates with other departments within the school (Science, D&T and Mathematics) to run a series of challenges for students to take part in. Students learn to cross-apply their learning from different disciplines to solve the challenges presented.

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