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Head of Department
Mr Tan Wee Boon
Subject Head 
Mr Quek Yong Cai

Senior Teacher
Mdm Radzawaty Bte Jamaludin

Ms Kwek Yu Zhen (HOD CCE)

Mrs Goh Wai Yee  

Miss Toh Yen Nee

Mr Ang Yong An

Ms Kitty Tan Min Jie

Miss Jazreel Toh Hui Khee

Ms Rachel Yong Lai Kuan

Ms Sisca Christine Haryanto

Mr Soh Yen Meng

Mr Louis Koh Soon Peng

Miss Chua Yi Jun

Mr James Goh

Mr Ho Wee Khong

Ms Ashley Li


Laboratory TSO/ OSO

Ms Kartini Bte Mohd Sidek (TSO)

Mdm Wong Choy Peng  (TSO)

Mdm M Vasanthakumari (OSO)

Curriculum/Subject offered

Lower Secondary

Upper Secondary

General Science Express, N(A),N(T)





Science (Phy/Chem) Express and N(A) and Science (Chem/Bio) Express

Science Syllabus (T)

Programme for the Year

Lower Secondary

Upper Secondary

Alternative assessments/Performance Tasks

Alternative assessments/Performance Tasks

Mastery Learning (Structured remedials)

Mastery Learning (Structured remedials) and extended curriculum

Green Week in conjunction with the Earth Week

Science Ignite


USS Stretch Programmes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Science Buskers

Science Buskers

Subject Literacy Programme- PALS


LSS Stretch Programmes


Achievements in Competitions




Science Buskers Festival

Project Title: Floats Away

Students: Tan Gui Shan, Goh Yu Xuan Charmain, Tay Kai Yuan Casper

Teacher IC: Ang Yong An


Project Title: Science Stingers

Students: Tan Jun Ming Keenan, Max Neo Rui Feng, Darius Ching Wei Shuo

Teacher IC: James Goh

  1st Runner Up




Science Buskers Festival

Project Title: Naked Eggs

Students: Nelson Tan Mao Jun, Edison Ng Ee Kiat

Teachers ICs: Charles Wong, James Goh


Project Title: Cloud In A Bottle

Students: Lim Hui Jing, Leona Foo, Mayam Jennifer Ortiz

Teachers IC: Soh Yen Meng

Judges Choice Award- Proof of Concept


Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO)

Cheng Bingxuan 4E1- Merit

Tan Yi Xin 4E1 – Merit



Science ProgrammesPhotos
 Surprising Chemistry Workshop 


The NUS Chemistry Week was held from 1 to 9 June, concluding with the Surprising Chemistry Workshop in the Science Demonstration Laboratory. The closing workshop was an eye-opener for the participants where students learnt about super absorbent polymers and how they help diapers retain liquid.

Biology Stretch Programme

  • To enhance students’ interest in the learning of Biology concept through authentic learning. 
  • To inform students on relevance of Biology in every day life. 
  • To inspire selected Secondary 2 Express students to pursue combined and pure Biology at ‘O’ level and beyond.

Chemistry Stretch Programme

  • To enhance students’ interest in the learning of Chemistry concept through authentic learning as students get to formulate perfumes at Science Centre Singapore.
  • To inspire higher ability Secondary Two students in Chemistry, enabling them to pursue pure Chemistry at ‘O’ Level and beyond.
  • Students get to gift their formulated perfumes to their family members to express their gratitude to them. 

 Green Lesson

  • To inspire students to play a part in the green movement in the Singapore context.
  • To increase awareness in students about the relevance of Science and technology in their everyday lives. 
  • To inculcate in students the value of using Science and technology to improve the lives of mankind.

  • To ignite students’ passion in Science through student-centered science-related activities 
  • To provide a platform for the students to learn a scientific concept through a series of fun and engaging challenges.
  • To reinforce GRC STAR–DOs through science-related activities.
 Physics Stretch Programme

  • To enhance students’ interest in the learning of Physics concept through authentic learning.
  • To inform students on relevance of Physics in every day life.
  • To inspire selected Secondary 2 Express students to pursue combined and pure Physics at ‘O’ level and beyond.
Science Buskers 

The Science Buskers Festival Competition is an annual event where contestants will do a "show-and-tell" on any science topic, and judging will be based on audiences' votes and judges' scores. This event is organised during the Singapore Science Festival by Singapore Science Centre. In 2017, we clinched the Judges Choice Award - Proof of Concept and in 2018, we managed to get 1st Runner Up! 


  • To engage pupils through inter-disciplinary student-centred activities and to provide an opportunity for pupils to explore the inter-connectedness of disciplines with respect to environment issues.

A collaboration with ITE, where students are exposed to learning of Science concepts through hands-on authentic learning, thereby seeing Science in everyday lives and hence inspiring them to pursue Science courses in ITE.