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2019 Class Test Schedule For Sec 1 to 3 In Semester 2

Dear Parents/Guardians,

1. In semester 2, Class Test for Secondary 1 to 3 students will be conducted during curriculum time from Term 3 Week 4 onwards.

2. The Continual Assessment for Semester 2 (CA2) for your child/ward will constitute the Class Test and Alternative Assessment (if any) for all subjects.

3. The Class Test Schedule and a Memorandum on Malpractice are enclosed for your reference. Please spend some time going through the Memorandum on Malpractice together with your child/ward. A copy of the schedule is also available on the school website at the following address: http://hougangsec.moe.edu.sg/

4. We want to highlight the following points to all students:
a) The Make-up Class Test will take place on the following Monday from 3.15pm to 4.15pm. Only students with valid reasons will be allowed to sit for the make-up test. Valid Reasons include MC, Competitions and certain Parents’ Letters. Subject Teachers may need to speak to parents to establish the validity of the letters.
b) Students on suspension are expected to turn up for the Class Test / Make-up Class Test.
c) The Make-up Class Test will be administered by the respective departments. Students will be told to report to a centralised venue and those who do not turn up will be given a zero. If the designated Monday for the make-up exam is a public holiday, it will take place on Tuesday at the same time, instead.

5. Kindly note that your child’s/ward’s eligibility to be promoted to the next level in 2020 is strictly based on them meeting promotion criteria in school based assessments (CAs and SAs). As partners in education, we seek your cooperation in motivating your child/ward to study diligently and achieve his/her personal best for the Class Tests.

For more information, please refer to the parents'/guardians' letter below. Thank you.