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2019 Secondary 4 Normal Preliminary Examination 2

1. Preliminary Examination 2 for Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) and Secondary 4 Normal (Technical) students will be conducted during the period 31 July – 2 August and 13 – 19 August. Students will have normal lessons from 5 August to 7 August.

2. The examination timetable and a Memorandum on Malpractice during examinations are enclosed for your reference. Please spend some time going through the Memorandum on Malpractice together with your child/ward. A copy of the timetable and examination components to be tested are also available on the school website at the following address: http://hougangsec.moe.edu.sg/

3. We want to highlight the following points to all students:
a) There will be no re-sitting of the examinations for all absences. Any absence from the examination has to be supported by a medical certificate from a registered General Practitioner.
b) Students are to be present at the examination venue at least 30 minutes before the start for each paper. Students who are late will not be given additional time for the paper. Students who are more than 30 minutes late may not be allowed to sit for the examination paper.
c) Students need not report to school if they do not have any paper on that day. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to supervise your child/ward on these days and motivate them to conduct self-study at home.
d) Students are dismissed only after they have completed all of their papers for the day. They are not allowed to leave the school premises during the break time between papers.
e) The school will enforce strict discipline during examinations. Students must report to school in proper school attire, otherwise they could be barred from sitting for the paper.

4. As partners in education, we seek your cooperation in motivating your child/ward to revise his/her work regularly and conscientiously and to take the Preliminary Examination 2 seriously as their performance will be a gauge of their readiness to sit for the National Examinations.

For more information, please refer to the parents'/guardians' letter below. Thank you.