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Revised Mobile Phone Policy

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We believe in providing a conducive learning environment for your child/ward. As such, we strongly
discourage your child/ward from bringing electronic devices to school. In particular, mobile phones have
become a great source of distraction for our students in the classrooms. We note that at this age, the
students find it challenging to fight distractions. Although they put their mobile phones on silent mode,
they cannot resist the urge to text/receive messages or check their games/social media accounts every
now and then when lessons are in progress. We have also received several reports of students
misplacing their mobile phones and other electronic devices due to oversight and carelessness.
In order to create a more conducive learning environment, we need to set boundaries for our students.
With effect from 17 September 2019 (Term 4 Week 1, Tuesday), mobile phones/electronic devices may
be used only during these timings:

  • Before formal curriculum begins at 7.30 am
  • During recess time
  • After the last period of the formal curriculum time

Please note the following conditions that must be adhered to for all mobile phones/electronic devices
  • During curriculum time, mobile phones/electronic devices are to be switched off and kept safely in the students’ bag.
  • Mobile phones/electronic devices should be kept out of sight and switched off during the changeover of lessons and while students are walking along the corridor.
  • During recess, the use of mobile phones/electronic devices will be restricted to the two call zones: the canteen and the foyer area.
  • Students can only use the mobile phones/electronic devices for learning purposes when permission is given by a school staff.

If any student is found in violation of the mobile phones/electronic devices usage rules, his/her mobile
phone/electronic device will be confiscated and an information form will be issued to the student.
Confiscated mobile phone/electronic device will be returned only after 5 school days with a signed
parent’s reply slip.

The telephone in our General Office can be used by our students to contact you when necessary. Should
you need to communicate with your child/ward urgently, you may also contact the General Office (Tel:
6385 1990) and we will do our best to assist.

We seek your support in our commitment to the continued development of a successful learning

Should you have any queries with regards to the school’s revised mobile phone policy, you may contact
Ms Kitty Tan (Ext: 220) or your child’s Character Coaches. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Ari Manickam

HS School Discipline Information